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DJing is a unique form of art that requires a formidable blend of remarkable skills and wholehearted passion. Regardless of how passionate an artist is each and every one of them needs that crucial exposure, an exposure that could help in showcasing the artist skills and talents to the world. DJing is a form of a business and just like any other businesses; it requires that extra bit of room to grow. The most effective way to ensure a fast growth of any business is by the means of the promotions. The DJs also require that vital exposure and promoting oneself is the best way to attain that all-important exposure. Traveling DJs was founded with the sole purpose of providing talented and aspiring DJs the much-needed exposure and assistance in re-branding and promoting oneself. Traveling DJs is one big family comprising of highly skilled and vastly talented DJs who are in awe of opportunities to showcase their talents to the rest of the world. Traveling DJs Facebook group has been active for a period of more than 6 years and as a result of the group’s immense success and popularity their website was released recently, Traveling DJs offers the aspiring DJs with all the required facilities one need in order to succeed as a professional DJ and helps them in paving their own way to success, fame, and popularity. Traveling DJs gives the promising DJs the opportunity to create their own unique web page which has all the perks of a website. Traveling DJs is a complete hassle free website with no hidden charges of any kind. Traveling DJs offers the new members with two distinctive packages to choose from each having unique attributes and features. Both of the packages features are crafted in such a way that gives the aspiring DJs the exposure they are in dire need of and longing for. Features include
• Upload your pictures • Upload your videos • Post your professional BIO • Post your soundcloud mixes • Social Media integrated • People can comment on your page • Personal store which allows you to buy your own customized product • Custom banner

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